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Break Your Confidence Barrier

Happy International Women’s Day!  Every one of the women who we’ll honor this month had times when she didn’t feel confident. If each of them hadn’t broken her own internal confidence barrier, the world would never have had the benefit of her unique contributions.  During these volatile times, when so many women’s careers have been […]

Your Backstage Idea

Is there a tantalizing idea for your life or work that’s been hovering in the back of your mind but you’ve dismissed as too unrealistic or bizarre? Somehow this thing has always called to you but you’ve pushed it away to pursue other more “important” or “realistic” goals and dreams. This is the perfect time […]

Clearing Your Way to a Hopeful and Joyful 2021

Happy New Year! After the disruptive year we’ve just experienced, 2021 will be a major year of transition – full of new possibilities and opportunities! In order to enter the New Year with fresh energy, resilience and hope, we must first clear our heads, reflect on lessons learned and reset our thinking. Join me in […]

Photograph by Jeff Regan

From Grieving to Giving – Waking Up to Holiday Joy

Have you felt this way in recent weeks? “I feel like Christmas has been canceled this year.” “This is the most depressing Holiday season…..” “I don’t even want to celebrate…” These were some of the sentiments I’ve heard from friends and clients as we moved into the Holiday season with the first night of Hanukkah.  […]

Reinvent & Thrive in Uncertain Times

I hope you and your loved ones are well and are coping with the disruption of this pandemic. For so many of us, the most challenging part of this has been the fog of uncertainty around our health, jobs, businesses and lives. We still don’t know how this is going to affect us and our […]

Rising Above the Chaos With Hope

Hope and fear cannot occupy the same state space. Invite hope to stay – Maya Angelou. Have you ever had a day during this corona chaos when – despite your best intentions to be strong and courageous – you feel yourself sinking into worry, anxiety and fear?   About a week ago, after several conversations with […]


Janine was in a reinvention rut. After fifteen years as an accountant with a large firm, she was ready for a new career path. She had read several books and invested in a program that promised to transform her life but she still hadn’t taken any meaningful steps toward reinventing herself. When I asked what […]