Completing Clears the Way for a Brilliant New Year

Completing Clears the Way for a Brilliant New Year

As we close out 2013, I’ll be sharing my Clearing for A New Year process with you in the next few posts. This simple practice will support you in de-cluttering your life and re-energizing your spirit, so you can start the New Year with a clean slate.  Each letter of the word CLEAR signifies a step in the process. In this post, we’ll focus on the first step – Complete What Needs to be Completed.

What incompletions are dangling over your life?  These are often the things that keep you awake at night or that you feel guilty about.  It could be an unfulfilled commitment, a relationship that requires healing or a decision that you’ve been procrastinating about.  When left unresolved, these issues drain our positive energy and distract us from our goals. Why not resolve these incompletions so you can make a fresh start in 2014.

*Begin by listing everything that’s incomplete in every area of your life – spiritual, relationships, financial, professional. This de-clutters your mind by getting the issue out of your head and down on paper.

*For each item, write what needs to be done to complete it.   In some instances, you may choose to declare that something is complete and no further action is required.

*For those items that require action, schedule the time to complete it. You will be surprised to discover how many of these incompletions can be resolved in a single day.

* As you complete each item and check it off, celebrate!  By resolving these incompletions you’ve free up more energy to focus on bringing your New Year vision to life.

You’ve just taken the first step to de-clutter and re-energize for the New Year. Look for the next four steps in subsequent posts!


Anne Martin, The Reinvention Mentor, is a coach and speaker who guides women to reconnect with their heart’s desire and re-design their lives for more joy, abundance and meaning.  She is available for presentations and workshops on topics such as work/life balance, life reinvention and success. For more details, please visit

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