Fall – The Season for Sowing Seeds of Reinvention

Fall is nature’s way of asking – what are you waiting for?  As the days grow shorter, the air gets nippy and gardens fade, many of us feel restless for no apparent reason. It’s as if we’ve suddenly become acutely aware that nothing lasts forever – everything is fleeting. We may feel an inexplicable sense of urgency around resolving certain aspects of our lives that remain incomplete.   We may even start to question certain aspects of our lives – our work, relationships, or lifestyle – and wonder what else is possible.

It’s as if nature is nudging us to explore all that could be possible for us– before it’s too late.  In my experience, this is the season when the seeds of most life reinventions are planted.  If we take the time to nurture them over the next several months by exploring, journaling, and remaining open to “what could be”, those seeds may sprout, by spring, into an exciting new direction for our lives.

What amazing new possibilities for your life are being planted right now? The keys to nurturing   those seeds of reinvention are awareness, openness and a willingness to explore.


Anne Martin, The Reinvention Mentor, is a coach and speaker who guides women to reconnect with their heart’s desire and re-design their lives for more joy, abundance and fulfillment. She is available for presentations and workshops on topics such as work/life balance, life reinvention and success. For more details, please visit www.daretoreinvent.com

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