Anne Martin, J.D. Motivational, Keynote, Inspirational Speaker in San Francisco

RETHINK POSSIBLE – Are you are stuck in a rut in your career or your life?

Anne Martin, J.D. Reinvention Specialist & Certified Master Dream Coach ®Welcome to Anne Martin’s Reinvention Blog!

Are you are stuck in a rut in your career or your life?

Anne Martin helps people explore new possibilities for their lives and redesign them for more joy, fulfillment, and abundance. As an attorney turned entrepreneur, Anne has lived her message. Several years ago, she left a fifteen year legal career to build a successful home based business. She has reinvented herself through life transitions, business downturns and a cross country relocation. As your coach, she will empower you to:

  • Rethink transition and challenge as invitations to explore new possibilities for living and working.
  • Rediscover what’s important to you and define success on your terms
  • Re-Design your life to reflect your purpose, passion and priorities
  • Release what’s no longer working in your life
  • Overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs
  • Create a strategy to move you into the life of your dreams
  • Schedule yourself for success
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