Reclaim Your Inner Light

As we celebrate the light and joy of Christmas during the darkest season of the year, I’d like to invite you to reclaim your unique inner light that might have been dimmed by the disruption, stress, and loss of the last two years. 

Your inner light is the best version of yourself. Some refer to it as our “higher self” or “pure consciousness.”  When you allow that light to shine, you show up authentically and powerfully without judgment or expectations and bring your personal best to a situation.   

One of the best practices for reclaiming our inner light was presented by Professor Amy Cuddy in her book Presence- Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges.  Professor Cuddy discussed numerous studies in which scientists instructed participants who were facing a challenging event, such as a job interview or a presentation, to do an exercise in which they reaffirmed the parts of themselves they valued most.  The exercise reduced participants’ anxiety boosted their confidence and enhanced their performance. Even more importantly, by helping participants become more grounded in the truth of their personal stories, the exercise increased their sense of purpose and meaning. 

As we close out another year of uncertainty and disruption, this is a wonderful exercise to reset and prepare to move into a more hopeful 2022. 


  1. Reflect on and write down two or three core values that are central to your identity – that describe who you truly are. Some examples are service, compassion, creativity, family, relationships, spirituality, integrity, loyalty. 
  1. Write a short essay about why each value is important to you and a time when you expressed or lived that value. 

This exercise can be used not just when you’re facing stressful situations but also to remind you that you can rise above any disappointment and chaos and allow your best self to emerge during this season of celebration.  And when you allow your own light to shine, those around you will be inspired to allow their best selves to emerge as well! 

Enjoy a peaceful and joyous Christmas!

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