Reinvent & Thrive in Uncertain Times

I hope you and your loved ones are well and are coping with the disruption of this pandemic.
For so many of us, the most challenging part of this has been the fog of uncertainty around our health, jobs, businesses and lives. We still don’t know how this is going to affect us and our families over the long term.
Everyone talks about the “new normal” but what will this look like for you?

Will it close some doors and open others to new possibilities you’ve never considered?

Could this be your wake up call to make a change in your life, career or business?

Or, perhaps this is life’s invitation to follow your heart and do that thing that you’ve been yearning for years to do – whether it’s moving to a more meaningful career, launching that business, or writing that book.

To move forward in unpredictable times, it’s necessary to shift your thinking, get clear about what matters to you, develop the courage to explore new possibilities and learn how to handle doubt and fear.

Shift out of Victim Mode 
Some of you have suffered significant losses from this pandemic and the resulting lockdown.

While it’s important to take time to grieve those losses, in order to move forward, you must shift from seeing yourself as a victim to viewing yourself as an overcomer who will emerge from this storm stronger and wiser. This will open your mind to be more creative in exploring options, inspire you to be proactive and boost your confidence.

Get Clear and Creative 
For some of you this time may be a turning point when you reassess your life and ask yourself whether it’s aligned with what you truly value. If you realize that your life no longer reflects your priorities, you may feel called to create a new vision for your life and work.

Bringing that vision to life will require you to be innovative in seeking out emerging opportunities and exploring new possibilities for living and working.
Reclaim Your Courage
The fog of uncertainty tends to paralyze us, amplifying our doubts and fears and leading us to “wait and see what happens.” While that may be an appropriate strategy in some areas of our lives, there are others where we can be taking action to upgrade our skills, reconnect with our network or research our options. Taking those first steps may require you to confront and manage doubts and fears and develop the resilience to recover quickly from setbacks.
Reinvent & Thrive Through Uncertainty 

About ten years ago, when faced with severe economic loss and health problems resulting from the 2008 recession, I created my Reinvention process to help others and I navigate that crisis. Through the years, I’ve had the joy of watching hundreds of people use the process to reinvent their lives and work to be more meaningful and joyful.
When this pandemic and lockdown hit, I recognized that this process could be valuable in helping people handle the uncertainty and fear, clarify their priorities, create a plan to adapt and start moving forward. I updated the program and have renamed it Reinvent & Thrive through Uncertainty.

Reinvent & Thrive Through Uncertainty 

The program will be offered in eight weekly sessions. Each 90 minute Zoom session will provide training, exercises and group discussion and will be recorded.
The small group class provides an inspiring, supportive environment and a proven process that will:
* Help you adopt a reinventor’s mindset which will empower you to see yourself as an overcomer, stay positive through this transition and be proactive.

* Empower you to overcome fear and doubt and build your resilience so that you can courageously handle obstacles and setbacks and persevere.

* Guide you in examining your values, purpose and passions so that you can create an Inner Compass to guide you in exploring your options and evaluating new opportunities.

* Inspire you to re-imagine your future and create a vision of a life and work that truly reflects your priorities.

* Offer you creative strategies to identify, brainstorm and explore new possibilities for your work and life.

*Support you in crafting your Reinvention Roadmap so that you can map out your next steps and stay focused and inspired through any transitions.

Three Sessions are available

Wednesday Afternoons 4 pm-5:30 pm PDT – Starting Wednesday, April 29th and continuing weekly until June 17th.

Thursday Evenings 6 pm-7:30 pm PDT – Starting Thursday May 7th and continuing weekly until Thursday June 25th.

Saturday Mornings 10 am-11:30 am PDT – Starting Saturday May 23rd and continuing weekly until Saturday, July 11th.

Discounted Price

In light of the current economic climate, this program is offered for $295(Regular price is $425).

Not sure if this program is What you Need Right Now

Please schedule a 30 minute call with me to explore if this program is the right fit for you by contacting me at or 415-830-2373.
For More Information or to Register go to
This is your chance to emerge from the fog of this crisis with clarity, increased resilience and a plan for moving forward in your career and life.
Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families during this challenging time.
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