I don’t think many of us will quickly forget the week of November 8. For me, this week didn’t just bring the shock of the election results, but an unexpected change in my financial situation along with the discovery of a medical condition requiring follow up testing. I’m no stranger to change. I’ve reinvented myself […]

Three Clues That You’re Ready for a Reinvention

I recently facilitated a panel discussion on career reinvention for the local bar association. Each of the three amazing women panelists described reaching a turning point in her career when she recognized that her job was no longer aligned with what really mattered to her. This prompted each of them to pivot to a different […]


Sharon was a dentist who appeared to have it all. She had developed a part-time practice, which allowed her to design her life around her two young children and was actively involved in her community. Yet she often appeared overwhelmed and didn’t project the self- assurance one would expect from an accomplished professional. She sought […]

An Inconvenient Truth About Self-Confidence

An Inconvenient Truth About Self-Confidence

What would you do if you were more confident? Apply for that leadership position? Write that book? Start that business you’ve been dreaming about? When your self- confidence is low, you’re more likely to procrastinate seizing an opportunity or stretching out of your comfort zone. You reason that you’re not sufficiently qualified or the time […]

The Master Key to Self Confidence

Do you tend to stay on a safe predictable path because you’re afraid to take a risk? This is the rut my friend Allison, a talented professional at a large high tech company, had slipped into. Allison had been at her company for three years when her mentor suggested that she apply for a team […]

Breaking the Confidence Barrier

During my twenty years coaching business women, I‘ve discovered one quality that consistently separates those who enjoy success from those who languish for years on a career plateau. That trait is self-confidence. Until very recently, the process of building confidence has been rather mysterious. Some people – especially men – seem to be born confident. […]

Ouch – My Life Doesn’t Fit!

Have you ever purchased a fabulous pair of shoes in the hope that they will eventually “stretch” and feel comfortable? You wear them a few times praying that they’ll feel better.  As much as you want to them to fit, they continue to pinch and rub your feet in the wrong places. Several blisters later, […]

Are you being invited to reinvent yourself?

“Why does this always happen to me?” my friend Rachel lamented as we sipped our coffee in a little café.  It was 2008 – the height of the recession – and Rachel had just been laid off.  Just eighteen months earlier, she had relocated from the Midwest to California to take a prestigious executive position […]

Learn From the Wins and the Losses

This is the second of several posts inviting you to CLEAR your path to bright New Year.  The last post focused on Completing the Incompletes.  The letters L and E of CLEAR signify Learning the lessons and Embracing your victories.  While we usually learn our most powerful lessons from our setbacks, our victories also have […]